The STP Scooter by Benk Koros Addresses Versatile Commuting

 - Apr 16, 2013
References: yankodesign
The STP Scooter provides another alternative to commuting around the city by car, bike or public transit. Although such scooters could easily be dismissed as a child's toy, the look has been updated to address the needs and desires of adults. The STP Scooter boasts a customizable design that allows it to expand on both its functionality and appeal.

Designed by Benk Koros, the STP Scooter has been made to be more efficient than a kick scooter and more compact than a bike. It comes complete with two pedals that gives a person a bit more sophistication when riding it. The STP Scooter is also foldable, so that those times that require jumping in a friend's car or on the subway is made much more easy.