The Stirio Stirs What's in Your Pot in Ways That You Simply Can't

 - Dec 12, 2014
References: unikia & gizmag
The Stirio is a motorized and automated pot-stirrer that was initially introduced by Norwegian company Unikia a year ago but, in a piece of truly stirring news, has now re-entered the market in upgraded form.

The Stirio can be mounted on pots that measure 15 to 25 cm wide via retractable clamp-ended arms. The stirring blade's downward extension can easily be adjusted to allow for a pot-height range of up to 18 cm.

When the Stirio is locked into place, all you have to do is push a button and the contraption begins stirring whatever's in the pot. It works perfectly well with thin but also fairly thick foods such as stews and porridges. It can run for over an hour on a full battery charge.

The Stirio is currently available for $63.