The 'Taurus' Appliance Makes Stir Frying a Hands-Off Experience

 - Mar 15, 2017
References: yankodesign
The act of stir frying literally requires chefs to stir fry continuously until ingredients are cooked, which is something the 'Taurus' appliance aims to change. The 'Taurus' works by having all the various ingredients added into the appliance and turned on; the machine will instantly go to work cooking the food autonomously to ensure a more hands-off approach.

The 'Taurus' stir frying appliance offers smartphone connectivity to enable users to set the unit for specific cooking times and be alerted as to when the meal is ready for them to eat. The 'Taurus' is the design work of Chunghee Joe and features a design that is crafted with premium materials such as brushed metal and a jet-black finish.