Sterling Hundley Renders Everyday Scenes in a Peculiar Visual Style

 - Mar 22, 2012
References: sterlinghundley & artattacksonline
It’s hard to describe the work of Sterling Hundley, but when you see one of his images, you know for certain Hundley is the one who made it. Often depicting his subjects with funky proportions and desaturated colors, the talented artist is a master of turning otherwise normal scenes into highly stylized fantasy depictions. His freeform experimentation with perspective leaves viewers second guessing their eyes as his physics-defying changes in points of view are mentally hard to process.

Within Sterling Hundley’s work, audiences will also see an assortment of techniques. He’s able to incorporate many unorthodox textures into his paintings, yet tie all the elements together in a harmonious manner. It’s this high level of artistry that has garnered Hundley clients such as Rolling Stone, GQ, The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly.