Long-Legged Insect Creations as Weird Wall Mounts

 - Jul 23, 2009   Updated: Jul 27 2011
References: gizmowatch & gearfuse
Christopher Conte has created this steampunked spider out of love for either arachnids or the Victorian era. His creepy creation reminds me of something out of the movie, “The Golden Compass.”

Chris is known for his ability to amalgamate the Victorian style with the art of insects in the creation of steampunked sculptures.

Implications - It's almost creepy how well Conte's able to recreate the ligaments of the spider in such an organic way. My favorite part of these steampunk spider creations is the fact that the spinnerets are made with wheels.

Check out the spider that is made in cast bronze with machined brass and stainless steel in the gallery above.