Steampunk Creations by Justin Gershenson-Gates are Intricately Detailed

 - Jun 29, 2013
References: amechanicalmind & themarysue
The steampunk creations by artist Justin Gershenson-Gates showcases the beauty that can come about from the infusion of nature and machine.

Steampunk has slowly etched its way into the mindsets of many of people during recent years. The bug steampunk creations by Gershenson-Gates are made from various components of old recycled watches, several glasses and metallic pieces. The Chicago-based artist's intricate detail in his steampunk creations are aimed to showcase the "the beauty of the mechanical world." The bug parts are all soldered together and are one of a kind. You might be tempted to play around with Gershenson-Gates creations, but the steampunk bugs are only for aesthetic appeal, since the constructs are small and delicate.