The Stay-Glo Swiss Army Knife is Ideal for Nighttime Emergencies

 - Jan 12, 2012
References: sidmashburn & theworldsbestever
The Stay-Glo Swiss Army Knife is an ingenious update to the iconic emergency tool. The Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox has been the go-to multi-tool since the early 1900s. Over time, the knife has been updated to keep with the times, being given a flashlight and USB stick attachment among others.

All of those updates and new attachments were good, but they failed to make the knife easy to find in the dark. Being able to locate the your multi-tool in the dark is a must as disasters and accidents don't discriminate between nighttime or daytime. The Stay-Glo Swiss Army Knife solves this issue with its glowing neon paint job. The blade contains everything you would expect from a miniature Swiss pocketknife, including tweezers, scissors, a screwdriver and a toothpick. The knife can be attached to a keychain and sells for $25.