Stately Sandwiches by Kelly Pratt are Deliciously Directional

 - May 31, 2012
References: statelysandwiches & neatorama
Stately Sandwiches by Kelly Pratt aim to represent each of the 50 states using their signature and official state sandwiches. Who knew a sandwich could be both a piece of artwork and a regional representation, as well as a tasty snack? After each sandwich is consumed, Pratt will add a poster on her site, along with the date the sandwich was served and various blurbs and anecdotes of her travels surrounding each sandwich excursion.

These sandwiches and their ingredients are strategically divided on a wooden cutting board and then photographed. At the bottom of each of Pratt’s posters the State is identified and the name of the scrumptious sandwich is revealed, as well as ingredients that go into these carb-loaded creations. This project is described as a "delicious journey across the US…that explores good food and great conversation," on the site.

Pratt won’t be doing this project alone, but will also be relying on friends and family to provide their input on their experience of Stately Sandwiches. So far only 11 sandwiches are on Pratt’s site, but submissions are constantly being accepted.