Breathtaking Capture of a Starling Murmuration

 - Jan 13, 2012
References: islandsandrivers & youtube
Created by 'Island and Rivers,' this video spontaneously captures a starling murmuration on the coast of Scotland.

The video follows the creators, Sophie Windsor and Liberty Smith, through their canoe trip on the River Shannon. The duo happen to stumble upon one of the most beautiful natural phenomenons on this humble planet. Every fall on the Scottish coast line, huge flocks of starlings fly together in rhythmic patterns. Seemingly choreographed, the unified flight is breathtaking. This is known as a 'murmuration.' The starlings group together in massive clouds. The audio effect is that similar of a quiet humming or murmur. The sheer power of nature is overwhelming in this video, and is definitely wonder-inducing.

The London-based filmmakers have been featured on Discovery News, BBC's Nature UK and the New York Times. The partners' positive and humble attitude is charming and can be felt through the organic messages of their projects.