The 'Eye on the Prize' Pits Man Against Machine in an Epic Battle

 - May 29, 2013
References: youtube & creativecriminals
Promoting the Samsung Galaxy S4, German ad agency Heimat created a staring contest between man and machine called 'Eye on the Prize.' Competitors were given the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 by staring at it for an hour. Since the cellphone has a Smart Pause function, the phone can recognize when you are looking at it. A display with a timer was set up where competitors could stare at the phone and attempt to win it.

Though the challenge may seem fairly simple, Heimat threw in some obstacles to increase the level of difficulty. Actors were introduced to distract competitors and tempt them to take their eyes off the prize. From simple things like an arguing couple to more elaborate scenes like a crashing motorcycle, the distractions got harder and harder. If a competitor failed, they were given coupons according to how long they stared at the phone.