The Star Wars Infographics Summarize Sci-Fi Trivia

 - Apr 25, 2012
References: blog.oskoui-oskoui & bitrebels
This collection of Star Wars Infographics by the Los Angeles-based advertising company Oskoui+Oskoui simplifies some of the complexities inherent in the intergalactic universe.

Have you ever wondered what demographic has received the most amputated limbs or the percentage of revealed surface space on the Death Star? If you've ever attended a Sci-Fi convention or gone to a midnight screening of any of the recent Star Wars installations then you will undoubtedly have in some way encountered the plethora of Star Wars-related trivia that fans take it upon themselves to know.

While this collection of Star Wars infographics might not make you an expert on the subject, next time someone asks you what the average Jedi closet is composed of you can be sure you'll have an answer.