The Standing Power Wheelchair Gives the Paralyzed a Way to Stand Up

 - Jan 31, 2012
References: linbruce & designbuzz
The paralyzed may never be able to walk again, but they can stand in some form with the Standing Power Wheelchair. Designer Bruce Lin has conceptualized this wheelchair as a way for people with paralysis of the legs to be able to stand up.

Being able to stand up may not sound like that big of a deal to someone who isn't paralyzed; for someone that is paralyzed, it means being able to reach a cabinet or a shelf and perhaps, more importantly, being able to look someone in the eye. The Standing Power Wheelchair shies away from the look of contemporary power chairs in favor of a more modern and less bulky design. The wheelchair of the future is already being dreamed up by a variety of creatives. There's a good chance that Lin's design, or at least the standing component of it, could become standard issue on the wheelchairs of the future.