Staileggero by Liviana Osti Makes Passing the Cheese a Breeze

 - Jun 2, 2011
References: cibicworkshop
Picture a lengthy dinner table and a meal that just begs for a sprinkle of Parmesan -- wouldn't you find that Staileggero by Liviana Osti comes in handy?

The whimsical culinary utensil meets the criteria for a functional formaggio shredder in that it's a freestanding piece of perforated metal complete with different sized holes ideal for various thicknesses of cheese topping. What makes it a memorable object of design, however, is the way in which its form mimics that of a simple paper airplane.

In theory, the creator's concept of an airborne implement topped with a morsel of mozzarella is absolutely scrumptious, but in practice I'm sure that this grater must remain grounded. Nevertheless, the lesson behind Cibicworkshop Staileggero by Liviana Osti is to think light -- especially when facing the decision about how much cheese to consume.