The Stage_01 Concept Creeps Across its Site to Draw in Larger Crowds

 - Jan 8, 2014
The Stage_01 is an intriguing infrastructural solution for the contemporary music festival. With large enough crowds, people at the back may occasionally feel left out of the action, but this expansive edifice serves to allow everybody the experience of inclusion.

Tentacle-like appendages escape from the dense body of the building, seeming to crawl across the ground and to encompass the individuals on the outskirts of the performance. The massing focus of Vlad Mishin's Stage_01 is the nearly solid capsule at one end that would provide some storage and act as a backstage area. A bit of shelter is also provided for the band. Although the spidery architectural features of the outdoor auditorium reach quite a way out, the earth can be left bare for sitting and standing audiences.