This Stadium Food Snack Wraps Shredded Brisket in Funnel Cake Batter

 - Apr 10, 2017
For the 2017 season, Globe Life Park (the home of the Texas Rangers) is introducing new stadium food snacks such as its 'Texas Snowballs.'

At the base of this unusual sweet and savory stadium snack is shredded brisket that is encased in a coating of deep-fried funnel cake batter that has been covered in powdered sugar to mimic the look of a snowball. From the outside, the snack balls could easily fool a person into thinking of them as a confection, but once bitten into, they reveal a dark, meaty center.

Across the United States, sports stadiums are experimenting with unique sweet and savory flavor crossovers. For instance, for the new year, Coors Field added Apple Pie Nachos to its menu, while Chase Field is now serving a Funnel Cake Chicken Sandwich.