This Luv Aj Lookbook Features Rings for Every Knuckle of Every Finger

 - Sep 1, 2015
References: luvaj & refinery29
For those who love to wear a lot of jewelry, stacking rings are a must-have. With the right combination of stacking rings, the look can remain simple and elegant while also pushing the limits of excessive accessorizing.

These stacking rings from Luv Aj can be endlessly combined to make up geometrically intricate, visually interesting patterns. Amanda Thomas, the designer behind the pretty style, recommends mixing different thicknesses, textures and heights of stacking rings to avoid looking overloaded. She also likes to place rings at different levels on the finger -- above or below the knuckle -- and to keep some symmetry in the design, containing multiple ring layering to the ring, middle and index fingers and putting only single rings on the thumb and pinkie.

Stacking rings is a playful way to make fingers look fascinating, to display a full ring collection and to express a little creativity!