Novel Home Decor for Bookworms and Bibliophiles

 - Feb 15, 2009
References: bonkarma
Whether it’s a friend’s personal home library or a small book-store overflowing with old books, I always appreciate the aesthetic of a pile of stacked books. These home decorations and pieces of furniture are all inspired by the aesthetic of a book collection.

1. Cardboard Stool Leseratte.

2. "Decorating with Books: Use Your Library to Enhance Your Décor" by House Beautiful and Marie Proeller Hueston is a great book for getting inspiration for decorating with your own books at home!

3. Power of Books Sculptural Glass-Topped Side Table.

4-6. Steel invisible bookshelf that lets you stack your books up to 41 cm high, 20 cm deep.

7. This bookshelf gives the impression that your books are floating in midair.

8. La Bibliochaise is made of oak and has leather cushions with removable covers in a wide range of colors.

9. Book Table made by Dutch designer Richard Hutten.

10. A homemade DIY book chair, very inspiring!