The St. Petersburg Eye Affords a Great View of the Gulf

 - Dec 11, 2011
References: & archdaily
On a beautiful day there is nothing more wonderful than relaxing down by the water. The St. Petersburg Eye offers a place for people to feel like they're connecting with the ocean as they promenade down the lengthy landing towards the best lookout over the beach.

This is West 8's submission for Florida's St. Petersburg Pier competition which has asked architecture firms to give the waterfront a bit of a facelift. Here the team has dreamed up a sleek elevated walkway over the Gulf of Mexico which ends in a grand reception at the great roofless rotunda.

It seems that this ocular edifice has been inspired by the form of a squid, open in the ceiling and excised of elliptical windows to let the sunlight and sea air seep in. The St. Petersburg Eye rests on a small sandbank, allowing visitors the choice of basking on the island beach or partaking in community events inside the structure.

Photo Credits: Designboom