The 'Square Circle Square' Hairdryer is Easily Stored Between Uses

 - May 28, 2018
References: yankodesign
The decreasing amount of available space in many urban homes has consumers seeking out as many ways to save room as possible, so the conceptual 'Square Circle Square' hairdryer is an example of an upstream approach when it comes to small appliances.

The hairdryer boasts a bending handle that collapses the appliance into a compact shape when not in use, while the main body of the unit allows the power cord to be seamlessly wrapped around it. This ensures that the appliance can fit into drawers and other small storage spaces without taking up too much area to keep users feeling prepared but never cluttered.

The conceptual 'Square Circle Square' hairdryer is the design work of Seungyeol Lee and also looks to cut down on tangles or unnecessary cord wear to keep the device in working order at all times.