Kangoo Jumps

 - Nov 27, 2007
References: kangoojumps & vitaljuicedaily
If you've always wanted to get a bit more bounce in your step, here's your chance! The Kangoo Jumps rebound exercise shoes are loaded with springs to help hop higher than ever on your own two feet.

They reduce impact by 80% so they're really easy on your joints, hips and spine. Vital Juice Daily said, “Thanks to Kangoo's technically modified boots with springs on the bottom, you too can bounce (with low impact) like Tigger! Check urban gyms near you for classes, or buy your own boots and DVDs to jump on your own.”

These look like a lot of fun, but also look like they're the kind of Christmas gift a parent would be quick to regret giving. I'm picturing smashed vases, picture frames and crying, bruised children sprawled across the floor.

Check out the video!