Sportlife Vibes' Chewing Gum is Packaged in a Squeeze Pack

 - Jan 14, 2016
Rather than opting to use the same style of blister packs as many gum brands do, Leaf Holland introduced a new kind of packaging for its Sportlife Vibes product.

The unusual gum packaging system designed by Lahtinen & Mantere Saatchi & Saatchi is slim enough to fit in a pocket and features a resealable design that can be opened with just one hand. As with most blister packs, the design includes space for 12 individual pieces of gum. Unlike comparable gum products wrapped in paper or flimsy slide-out sheaths, the flexible plastic carrying case is also water-resistant.

Once all of the Chilly, Frosty or Sparky-flavored gum from Sportlife Vibes has been emptied out of its portable container, the entire chewing gum pack can be recycled.