Dae Hoon Jung's Split Laptop Incorporates the Case in the Design

 - May 20, 2011
References: designboom & designbuzz
The Split laptop re-imagines the practical nature of the portable computer's design. Instead of being trapped in one rigid form that often leads to awkward portability rather than something that is supposed to be convenient, the Split laptop boasts break apart pieces to create an easier experience.

Designed by Dae Hoon Jung, the Split laptop was recently shortlisted in the Designboom and Fujitsu competition ‘A Life with Future Computing.' Of course, this honor is well-deserved. The fact that it takes into account the way people interact with laptops in order to improve it is already commendable enough.

By incorporating the case into the overall Split laptop design, it begins to look and feel more like a book than anything else. Most excitingly, however, is how each component of the Split laptop can be used separately and together.Photo Credits: designbuzz, designboom