The Spirit & Flesh 'The Dance' Photoshoot Stars Kersti Pohlak

The Spirit & Flesh 'The Dance' editorial is almost as captivating as a live performance, which is saying a lot. The movement of the model is captured on camera in a transient way. As though an ephemeral creature of some sort, Kersti Pohlak flows in front of the camera, her motion blurred in an enchanting way.

Shot by photographer Paul de Luna, the Spirit & Flesh 'The Dance' editorial follows a rather dark theme. The studio has been flooded with an eerie light and mist as though it were simulating the soft glow of the moon on a cool night. This atmosphere perfectly suits the equally dark wardrobe, which is comprised of such brands as Bill Blass, Timo Weiland for TSUBO, Victor de Souza and Top Shop.