‘Spinning Wool' by Steven Shubert is a Shower of Red Sparks

Light graffiti and long exposure photography has spurred a movement that continues to inspire photo series like ‘Spinning Wool’ by Steven Shubert. Although not the first of its kind, this ongoing photo project is especially captivating. Aptly titled, spinning wool is traditionally used to create wool out of sheep fur. Photographers have turned this tradition into a stunning spectacle by lighting spinning wool on fire and twirling it around to rain down red hot sparks before the camera.

To set this series apart from others, Spinning Wool by Steven Shubert is captured in abandoned industrial spaces. Since there are an ample supply of such backdrops in Indianapolis, Indiana, where the photographer is based, he says he was inspired "to find an art form that is adapted to this context." The dark settings really accentuate the beautiful light display.