Spin Chill Cools Beer in Seconds Using Power Drills and AA Batteries

 - Oct 12, 2013
References: kickstarter & technabob
It's certainly not too early to dub the Spin Chill as the must-have summer party item of 2014. Spin Chill was created by two former mechanical engineering students from the University of Florida who hated waiting for their beer to get cold. The duo developed two ways to chill their beer (and other beverages) via rotating it at high speeds in ice.

Spin Chill is actually two products: the Chill Bit and the Beerouette. The Chill Bit lets you clip your can or bottle to an electric drill and use said power tool to rotate it. The Beerouette is a small battery-powered device that rotates cans and bottles. Spin Chill works using convection and can chill a beer in as little as 30 seconds! Spin Chill has been successfully funded on Kickstarter, which means that warm beer may forever be a thing of the past.