The Spiga Bookcase Comprises a Stack of Askew L-Shaped Cradles

 - Mar 1, 2013
Erect shelving units need to be packed full of novels or accessorized with bookends in order to keep every last piece of literature standing perfectly upright. The goal of the Spiga Bookcase is rather different, embracing the tendency of paperbacks to tip over and cause inconsistent patterns of haphazard diagonals.

The storage system by Enzyma takes it upon itself to tilt the reading materials that it holds. An ascending series of L-shaped ledges gradually rotate, allowing hardcovers, magazines, DVDs and video games to rest comfortably in inclined orientations. To enhance the whimsicality of the Spiga Bookcase, the narrow wood and ABS unit can be finished in a muted gray hue with its edges accented by a punchy color.