Spiegel by Studio Voigt Dietrich is a Maneuverable Full-Length Mirror

 - May 16, 2012
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Full-length mirrors are regularly treated as stationary objects in rooms, arranged deliberately and left in place. But no nails, bolts or screws and no bulky base support the weight and anchor the position of the Spiegel by Studio Voigt Dietrich. This piece of reflective glass stands on its own within its playful frame.

The designer presents the eccentric looking glass as one with hands and feet. The whimsical description enlivens the image of the mirror so that the observer can visualize the protruding wooden corners like human arms and legs. It's on these points that the piece can stand and lean, and by which it can be grasped and moved about.

Beautiful wooden joinery with two different types of timbers accentuates the fine craftsmanship of the Spiegel by Studio Voigt Dietrich.