Elaine McLuskey Creates Social Spheres for Easy Conversation

 - May 12, 2010
References: news.bbc & dvice
If you're like me and have trouble hearing people or focusing on conversations in loud crowds, these speech bubble helmets are just what the doctor ordered. Of course, you'll have to get over the ridiculousness of donning one first, but the trade-off might just be worth it.

Designed by Elaine McLuskey, the speech bubble helmets were devised after she studied hearing impairments. According to McLusky, "A person's environment can be more disabling than a hearing impairment and so, in some respects, we are all hearing impaired on a daily basis."

With that in mind, McLuskey designed the speech bubble helmets to eliminate some of the distractions. She also hopes that their eccentric look will spark discussion about hearing impairments in general.