The Carr Valley Cheese Specialty Butter Collection is Ideal for Home Chefs

The Carr Valley Cheese Specialty Butter Line has been announced by the brand as the latest creation that will offer chefs with a variety of products to enhance their recipes like never before. The new collection of butters includes varieties that are made from goat and sheep milk, which are reported to have a distinct taste profile that's quite rich. This also enables less of the product to be used thanks to the higher yield they offer, which will come as welcome news to chefs and consumers who are focused on quality over quantity.

Speaking on the new Carr Valley Cheese Specialty Butter Line, National Sales Manager for the brand, Dave Christoff, said, "The response for the butter has been absolutely amazing! We received a lot of great feedback from stores selling the butters and from customers that communicate with us through social media. One unexpected market we’ve seen with the butter customers has been individuals with a bovine milk allergy, but who are able to tolerate sheep or goat milk products."