The Sparrows Uncuff Links Are Able to Unlock Binding Metal Grips

 - Nov 15, 2012
References: sparrowslockpicks & coolmaterial
Troublemakers or super spies may find the Sparrows Uncuff Links a good thing to have attached to the sleeves of their shirts.

These covert carbon fiber accessories appear as decorative shirt details, that is until the back of the pins are examined. Integrated into the design of the metal is a handcuff key that will actually unlock the binding steel. If you find yourself handcuffed for whatever reason, this men’s accessory is able to free you with a quick jimmy of the lock without anyone being the wiser. Anyone wanting to become an international spy or with a keen interest in James Bond will appreciate what the Sparrows Uncuff Links offers.

However, using them might end up getting you in more trouble than it’s worth. Therefore, proceed with caution with these cuff links .