The Space-Saving Cable Clip Pins Your Pesky Workstation Wires in Place

 - Jan 29, 2013
References: moondiii
The contemporary desk is cluttered with so many different electronic devices, and while many of them offer wireless or cordless technologies, they all need to charge sometime. The Space-Saving Cable Clip has been conceived to deal with the daily frustration of desk entanglement.

Featured by Seo Young Moon is this clever design by Devraj Bhadra. It might remind you of a magnified paper clip or an outdoor tablecloth claw. The vaguely U-shaped metal device has been rolled in so that its two sides press together. This allows it to firmly clutch the edge of desktops and tables.

Slots through the Space-Saving Cable Clip enable you to slip adapter and charger cords through, keeping the heads out and accessible. It also behaves like a tube so that you can bundle and run cables through its length.