Space Bars is a Pop-Up Ice Cream Shop That Operates Without Freezers

 - Jan 19, 2016
References: & vegnews
Space Bars is an ice cream pop-up shop in Australia that's able to keep its products cool without the use of any freezers. While it might seem impossible to operate an ice cream shop without these large appliances, Space Bars is proving that it can be done with liquid nitrogen instead.

In addition to being a standout for its use of liquid nitrogen for cooling, Space Bars specializes in making vegan-friendly treats. This includes gluten-free fudge brownies, vegan marshmallows, 'Space Shakes' and ice cream treats like Vanilla Bean Dream and Chocolate Milky Way.

Space Bars' founders Kashina Crabbe and Katie Eves say that they began Space Bars in order to "invite others on our journey to a more sustainable and peaceful existence on our tiny speck in the universe." In addition to doing its part for the environment, the brand also donates 20% of its profits to local animal organizations.