Chanel's 'Sous Le Signe Du Lion' Jewelry Collection is Majestic

 - Jul 14, 2013
References: luxuryes & thejewelleryeditor
Chanel's 'Sous le Signe du Lion' collection was recently revealed at Haute Couture Week in Paris, paying tribute to Coco Chanel's love of lions. This 58-piece jewelry line consists of bracelets, rings brooches and necklaces that feature prominent lion heads and bodies made from precious diamonds, silver and gold.

Astrologically, Chanel fell under the sign of Leo, which explains the name of the collection, which translates to "Under the Sign of the Lion." Chanel's love of these majestic animals was perpetuated by Venetian architecture and monuments, and she decorated her apartment with lion statues as well.

In addition to Chanel's personal love of lions, the 'Sous le Signe du Lion' collection pays tribute to the inclusion of lion-shaped details like buttons and handbag clasps in some of her early work.