NEC Uses Sound-Capturing Earbuds to Verify Your Identity

 - Mar 9, 2016
References: geek & engadget
The tech world thought smartphone security hit a revolution with fingerprint authorization, but the industry has been once again blown away and it's with sound-capturing earbuds.

Utilizing technology that uses the way sound resonates in the ear canal to identify a person, tech company NEC developed a way to verify identity using the ears. The newly developed authentication technology comes in the form of microphone-equipped earbuds that measure the acoustics after sending out a sound. It has been reported that the sound-capturing earbuds work with 99% accuracy and only take a second to extract measurements.

While NEC does plan to commercialize the product in 2018, the company sees the earbuds best used to ensure security of critical infrastructure and continually verifying someone's identity during confidential calls.