These Shapely Art Works by Sophie-elizabeth Thompson Evoke Movement

 - May 20, 2013
References: soforbis & lanciatrendvisions
Mimicking the movement of the human body, these sculpted art works by Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson evoke a strongly ambiguous air. This collection of stone sculptures showcases the talented artist's natural inspirations that are translated through her exploration of simplified and abstracted shape compositions.

These curved, rounded and organic shapes are moulded to resemble 3D architectural elements, skeletal bones, and moving silhouettes that have a subtle liking to forms of the human body.

Made from an earthy material, these sculptural masterpieces by London native and Barcelona based artist Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson evoke movement and emotion that is showcased solely through their bare and simplistic forms. Moreover, these stunning art pieces are a true example of minimalism's power to evoke presence through complete and utter simplicity.