Sophie Blackall's 'Missed Connections' Illustrates Love Notes

Brooklyn-based artist Sophie Blackall's 'Missed Connections' is an ongoing series inspired by the real messages of unknown lovers that are posted online every day. For 'Missed Connections,' Sophie uses Chinese ink and water color to imagine the situations that these lovers are in based on the messages they posted.

The paintings are whimsical and surreal. Although they lack any rules of the real world, her free-floating figures manage to capture the essence behind each message. Some messages are very random while others are sweet and funny. Some illustrations are very sad but for the most part her illustrations are vibrant, colorful and hopeful.

Clearly Sophie is a believer in love and wishes nothing but the best for the anonymous lover. But to be honest, I really do want to meet the people who inspired these funny illustrations like the couple who shared the bear costume and the guy with the throat tattoo.