Sony Ericsson F305 Works Like Wii

 - Jun 16, 2008
On June 17th, Sony Ericsson will be releasing the world's first Motion Gaming-enabled phone, the F305 . The device has typical features like EDGE speed, 2-inch 176 x 220 display and music playback. However, the F305's real attraction is it's gaming abilities.

The sexy phone enables you to use movements (ala Nintendo Wii) to play its three pre-loaded games - Bowling, Bass fishing & Jockey. To play bowling for example, you simply simulate the real bowling moves with your hand.

Besides the motion control, the F305 features handy gaming keys above the display, loud stereo speakers on the back for dramatic audio effect, and a shortcut key to your games.

Knowing how gamers are addicted to playing, when you run out of the 8 hours battery limit, you can plug in the battery Power Pack CCP-100 and keep playing to your heart's content.