The Sonicane 2.0 Lets the Blind Guide Themselves

 - Jan 12, 2012
References: coroflot & designbuzz
The Sonicane 2.0 is a tech-savvy walking stick designed by Soonjae Kwon. Kwon's cane is meant to give the blind more freedom in their travels and is equipped with GPS.

The Sonicane 2.0 gives feedback to the user in either braille or through sound. The cane's built-in GPS helps lead its user around the city and its vibrating nub helps direct the person which direction to head in next. The Sonicane 2.0 is designed to keep the blind safe at night with its built-in nightlight that alerts motorists and other pedestrians of the walker's presence. Designers are doing their best to ensure that the sightless aren't left behind during the rapid advancement of technology. It won't be soon before designs such as Kwon's are the norm rather than the exception.