Shakes Your Bed and Screams over 110 db

 - Feb 28, 2007
References: thinkgeek & coolest-gadgets
Enough with your brother splashing cold water on your face or hearing your mother yelling "WAKE UP YOU LAZY BASTARD!" early in the morning. Here's Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker, a device is guaranteed to get even the heaviest of sleepers off the bed in no time. The Sonic Bomb Clock has an adjustable volume alarm with a maximum loudness of 113 decibels (FYI, a jackhammer is about 100 decibels!). The bed shaker gives your bed a vigorous shake ensuring you will not oversleep and go to work late yet again. Unfortunately, long term effect for loss of hearing is not tested for yet. But even sleeping beauty doesn't need her prince charming to arrive with this noisy stubborn clock.