Tap Out Tunes to Search For Music

 - Apr 6, 2007
References: songtapper
We all understand that frustration when you forget the name of a song. No matter how many times you hum or babble nonsensical lyrics, the title just won't come to you.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just serenade your computer and it would determine what song you were rocking to?

Those days may not be far off.

SongTapper.com is an enormous media library of songs that lets users search its archives by tapping the rhythm of a song. After you finish beating out your tunes, SongTapper generates a list of possible matches; if the result you wanted doesn't come up, add it to the database.

Though it doesn't guarantee accurate results every time, the site is sure to keep visitors amused. Try setting up a dual between your PC and a friend to see if your buddy can beat the computer's rhythmic savvy.