The Gory Label on the 'Son of the Morning' Ale Resembles an Album Cover

 - Feb 18, 2016
References: hiredgunscreative & packageinspiration
The team at Hired Guns Creative designed the new label for Driftwood’s latest brew titled 'Son of the Morning.' The design team was given simple instructions which were to make the label evil.

With this in mind, the designers gained inspiration from late 90s album covers and conjured up a gory final product with zombie-like imagery. The dark beer bottle is wrapped in a label that contains a green zombie hand stretching outward with the words 'Son of the Morning' written in red tree bark typography.

In order to keep the bottles cohesive, the Hired Guns Creative team also used white and black colors and textures that resemble oozing blood, rotting bones and melting flesh.