Solidarites International Water Ink Ad Raises Awareness on Dirty Liquids

 - Mar 25, 2011
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The Solidarites International water ink ad raises awareness on the lack of clean water available to the underprivileged and those living in third world countries.

The powerfully engaging Solidarites International water ink ad comprises a white canvas painted with water by an artist. Black ink was then dipped into the liquid to create dark images associated with poverty and death. A voice-over narration in the commercial informs us that while water may seem harmless, it has led to many deaths, as its unsanitary forms have been given to the underprivileged. The video was directed by Clement Beauvais and produced by BDDP Unlimited and HUSH.

It's an incredibly well thought-out, well-executed commercial that evokes several emotions. This ad will have people who have clean water at their disposals thinking about how fortunate they really are.