The Suli Lamp Can Be Mounted to Handlebars, Windows and Campsites

 - Jul 19, 2016
References: sulilab & gizmag
The Suli is an innovative solar-powered lamp that is designed to make it easier than ever for campers and outdoor explorers to harness natural energy from the sun whilst also enjoying versatility in the form of the lamp's unique design, which allows it to be used in handheld, window-mounted and hanging configurations.

While the Suli isn't the first solar-powered lamp on the market, what makes it stand out is the range of accessories and attachments that it comes with. Indeed this lamp comes with a ring that allows you to strap it to your backpack or hang it up anywhere. An included bicycle mount allows you to stick the lamp to your handlebar, while a clear stake module allows you to use the lamp to light up your garden or campsite.

This solar-powered lamp will appeal to those who don't want to stock different lamps for different environments, and would appreciate a compact, reliable, one-size-fits-all illumination solution.