Selco Solar Provides Developing Countries an Opportunity

 - Sep 26, 2011
References: facebook & daijiworld
Selco Solar has launched the 'Light for Education' project in an attempt to encourage children in rural areas in India to study. In India, many villages still do not have roads, drinking water, electricity or schools for children. In such an environment, it is difficult -- if not impossible -- to motivate people to send their children to school. Selco Solar is taking on 90% of the cost of the project, while the locals shoulder 10% of the burden.

The first school to benefit from this project is the Mavinakaru School in Karnataka in Southern India. Selco Solar has supplied Solar lamps as an education incentive to 35 students in this area. The solar panels, which are used to charge the smaller batteries, are placed at the Mavinakaru School; students get their chargers when they come to school and can recharge their batteries once their. When they get home, they can reconnect these batteries to their lamps and are then provided with 10 hours of light. That's enough light for not just studying, but for any other household activity at their homes.