Clarian Technologies Unveils Plug-and-Play Photovoltaic Products

 - Aug 22, 2010   Updated: Aug 9 2011
References: clariantechnologies & profilalouminio
Solar power company Clarian Technologies has unveiled a true solar appliance for residential use. Its most exciting attribute is its plug-and-play application: Just plug the product into an exterior outlet and start collecting solar power for electricity inside your home.

Clarian Technologies' base model, Sunfish, will cost $799; the largest product will run about $4,000. Compare these figures to a typical roof-mounted system, which costs a minimum of $10,000 and rises steeply from there.

Implications - These price differences are attributable to varying amounts of energy generated. A homeowner with the largest Sunfish is expected to generate approximately 150kWh per month compared to the 920 a typical homeowner goes through in a month. However, at $4,000, energy usage and bills will still be substantial for this revolutionary solar appliance.