This Solar Charger by Emma Sandberg Makes Your Gadget Greener

 - Sep 6, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
If you own a mainstream mobile phone, you've probably come to accept that its manufacturing process was far from eco-friendly, but there is a way that you can shed some guilt. This Solar Charger by Emma Sandberg has been designed specifically to boost smartphone batteries using power harnessed from the sun.

You'll rarely need to tap into the wall outlet because this device stores enough energy to juice up your cellphone. It's especially ideal for situations where electricity is difficult to come by. If you embark on a camping trip or you're constantly on the go, this apparatus can breathe life back into your handset from inside your bag, and can replenish its own resources anywhere with a little sunlight exposure. Enjoy particularly how this Solar Charger by Emma Sandberg can be set up as a proper iPhone dock.