Soft Pioneers by Emil Alzamora Traces the Evolution of Humans

 - Mar 29, 2013
References: krausegallery & coolhunting
Human existence and exploration are two fascinating topics, which are of central focus within Soft Pioneers by Emil Alzamora that features the human form manipulated in an effort to convey the notion of evolution.

Alzamora explains the exhibition in a simple, thought provoking statement: "We're not necessarily rugged pioneers, but we're becoming soft-bodied, mentally durable pioneers." He is speaking to our move away from traditional lifestyles that focused on survival and expansion to ones that leave us less fit, but more mentally stimulated than ever before.

In several respects, Alzamora hits the nail on the head; we're living in an age where technology puts knowledge at the tips of our fingers, but ailing in other areas of life like physical fitness and health.