Social Good Ipsum Generates Lorem Ipsum Text for World Betterment

 - Jul 21, 2014
References: socialgoodipsum & swiss-miss
Social Good Ipsum is exactly like it sounds—it's a Lorem Ipsum text generator that spits out strings of words to do with bettering the world, rather than nonsense Latin text. Instead of filling a placeholder paragraph with words that don't make any sense, this generator is equally as nonsensical, but the words include things like peaceful, equal opportunity, fairness, NGO, gender rights and philanthropy.

With the Lorem Ipsum generator, you can ask for a certain number of words or paragraphs to be strung together. The project by Hyperakt is a funny spin on dummy text and here's hoping that even a glance at some of these world-bettering words will sneak into the backs of minds and inspire there to be more good in the world.