'So... I Was at a Party Last Night' is Uniquely Antique and Modern

 - Jun 23, 2011
References: pushthemonkey & fastcodesign
Poetry readings can often be considered traditional and even archaic, yet the 'So... I was at a party last night' performance is anything but that. In fact, it actually embraces the modern age of interactive technology by way of beautifully strung lightbulbs that pulse to the poetic rhythm and cadence of poet Sabrina Mahfouz's live performance.

Commissioned by Mahfouz herself, the ''So... I was at a party last night' lightbulb installation was created by 'creative coder' Andrea Cuius in collaboration with designer Roland Ellis. To create an ambiance that is both antique and contemporary, they came up with the idea of stringing 30 vintage tungsten bulbs from Historic Lighting above Mahfouz so that she was surrounded by a whimsical array of light. A microphone then captured her spoken words, allowing her voice to control the lighting in real time.