Snuggle Sutra Lets Lovers Explore Intimate Ways to Hug & Bond

 - Feb 14, 2012
References: usdish & thisisnthappiness
If you feel as though your cuddling sessions have been getting stale as of late, you’ll want to pick up a pack of these Snuggle Sutra cards. As the name suggests, the humorous pocket-sized cards actually denote various positions that lovers can try out to intensify bonding experiences. Classics like the "Spoon" are obviously a part of Snuggle Sutra’s recommendations, but adventurous and hilariously named positions like "Superman" and "Costanza" will surely reignite passion that’s starting to dwindle.

Funnily enough, Snuggle Sutra cards also include a scoring system called "cuddle points," as well as difficulty ratings to help those who aren’t well-versed in snuggle acrobatics decide which position they should attempt. By far the least rewarding card to play is the "Double Plank," which has a difficulty rating of 5 stars, but awards lovers 0.0 cuddle points.